Is Lucky Patcher Safe? Common FAQs Asked About The App!

Nowadays, cracking Android apps has been a very common practice on Android. It has become vital to deal with such issues to avoid the unwanted levels of piracy. Lucky Patcher is not made for cracking. But it provides a lot of features that can make changes in the apps, without illegalities. You can do certain things which might be helpful in certain conditions, despite the nature of app to work in opposite direction.

With the help of Lucky Patcher, you can easily analyze the list of apps installed on the device and it shows the actions that can be performed on the app. You can also find the chances to remove the license verification on some apps which make it important to be downloaded from Google Play only. You can easily modify the permissions, extract APK to backup, and other actions like unlocking paid apps and removing Google ads so you can install them on other devices too.

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All you need to use is a rooted device for installing the app from Lucky Patcher website. You can easily root the device with tools like KingRoot or TowelRoot, even though you are not that skilled in this matter. After installing and running Lucky Patcher, you will see the list of apps installed along with the actions you can conduct, and the color code which shows the compatibility with a tool to do certain acts.

Meaning of Colors behind Apps

  • Yellow – The app has specific patch offered
  • Green – It can be disconnected from Google Play or registered
  • Purple – a system app for startup
  • Blue – It has Google Ads
  • Orange – a system app
  • Red – An app cannot be modified

Lucky Patcher FAQs

  • Is Using Lucky Patcher Legal?

A – It is not illegal to remove ads and to backup/restore apps with Lucky Patcher

  • Is it a Safe App for your device?

A – Lucky Patcher is completely safe to use. But you should download the latest version from a reputed and trusted the site.You may also like: tutuapp

  • How to Provide Root Permissions to the app?

First of all, you have to install Superuser app after giving root access to your phone

  • Does it Work without Root Device?

You can also use it without having to root your device.

  • Do Lucky Patcher Hack Play Store purchase?

No, Lucky Patcher is not programmed to do this.

  • Are there any alternatives to Lucky Patcher?

Yes, there are many apps similar to Lucky Patcher, such as Freedom Apk, Cree-Hack, AppSara, LeoPlay Card, iAP Cracker Apk, IAPFree etc.

  • Can Lucky Patcher work on Spotify?

It can remove ads but it is illegal to crack content.

  • Can I use Lucky Patcher to crack purchases on Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer game. So, it is not possible to hack it with this app as it cannot hack online games.


With the help of above steps, you can easily get the apk of Lucky Patcher and start using it. You don’t need any special skills to use this app. There are different users of this app enjoying the amazing features of their favorite apps.


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