🎥Video Equipments for Youtube: 2018 List 🎤

Starting a YouTube channel is a good option, but many fail to maintain it, just because they do not take precautions in regards to the minimal requirement of video equipments for youtube.

Read below for the most important things you need to know:

Video Equipments For Youtube:


Video Equipments For Youtube In 2018


Microphone or Mic: is of real importance when you are starting a YouTube channel. Whatever you speak should be communicated to your audience, without any glitches and miscommunication. When you communicate with your audience they feel connected, talking to them should be clear and understandable.

Your audience will only view your channel and videos when you are clear with the communication with them. Try to be pretty sure of the words that you use, otherwise, they will not take interest in your talks.

Invest some money and purchase a good microphone, that has crystal clear sound and can record understandable audios.


What a Webcam can do: many of us neglect the real use of Webcam. When recording a video, you need to be visible to your audience, your audience wants to see you not a blank screen or an image or video, be present on your screen, do not ignore your audience, report your audience on regular intervals.

Webcams are of real use when you are starting a gaming channel. You show your face and acknowledge the audience present, read them their comments and reply to them. While on gaming channel you can actually show your expressions and what you want to show. You are totally communicating with your audience when you are showing them your background and the things they would like to see, or even when you are showing your face. Webcams are of very important use when starting a YouTube channel.


Apart from just installing a webcam, buy a Camera. Recording from a camera will provide you with a good video, plus you won’t have to wait or ask for a camera from friends to do your work.

Get an HD Camera, and you can click pictures or can record videos that can be used for your videos.

Having a camera will also work as a 2nd recording: install camera facing the screen of the monitor of your computer. And you can record whatever you are doing. This could be edited in a single video: this is done for recording game or reviews episodes.

You can have more than one camera installed with microphones and can make a podcast episode.


Tripods are as important as Camera. You can have a camera but you can lack a place of installing the camera. Here Tripod help in installing a proper place for the camera to click a still video or an image.

There are different types of camera tripods: some are heavyweight, some are lightweight, tripods for the webcam. You have to decide what kind of tripod you are using.

Most preferable tripods are those which are heavyweight. They don’t accidentally fall.

Editing Software

Editing is the main part of the creating a video, editing should be done with perfect applications and without any mistakes. It doesn’t matter what kind of video you have captured but editing it makes it perfect.

Tools For video editing: use Final Cut Pro for Mac, for Windows, Sony Vegas, Cyberlink Power Director etc.

Softwares For Audio editing: use Audacity, Sound Forge, Cubase, Nuendo etc.

For Proffesional Photo editing: Photoshop, Pixlr etc.

General Things

Video Equipments for Youtube

Why do you need a YouTube Channel

Your channel is your own platform to show the audience what you can do. You can you can start a Gaming Channel. You can do whatever you want on your YouTube Channel. But what if you won’t get the audience you are investing your time for.

It seems easy to say that “I will go viral on YouTube” but going viral on YouTube and fetching money is really hard as it seems easy. You need to define yourself why are you starting a youtube channel and why are you investing time in this.

What you are actually interested in

When you are starting a YouTube channel you need to know what you are interested in, what kind of channel you will make, what kind of videos and things you will upload, what kind of people you will make the video for.

Do whatever you want but passionately. You are investing time and your time does not get waste un-necessarily to make sure of this thing. You need to know what kind of work you are going to upload and show to your audience.

Know your Audience

Your work’s popularity depends on your audience. What kind of TG you hold matters a lot. If you are Teenager making content for your own age group, you will get the audience that you have made content for. But you won’t get the audience of old age group. You need to stay focus on what kind of audience you are getting. You can check your audience in your comments section, you will get an idea of what kind of people are watching your video. So, next time you will make content accordingly.

Know of Opponent

It is really helpful to know what kind of content your opponent are uploading. This helps in making yourself much more explosive to the competition you both can create. See how your opponent is making content what kind of things they are using, what kind of help they are taking, what kind of knowledge they are having.

Scheduled timing

You should be punctual with the time you are uploading content. Be it a particular day of every week or timing. But you should be present at that time, your audience will know that your content is going to get uploaded at this time or that day.

Comment Section

Your Youtube content should have comments on. This helps you in knowing what kind of content your audience is demanding and what’s more you can add up to your next video.

These are some things that you need to know before making a YouTube Channel. Most people do not follow these terms and then they lead to massacres in their channel content.

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