Top 5 Android applications to watch TV

The technology has improvised to a great extent and it is evident that people have started using resources to a greater extent on a daily basis because of the convenience. There used to be days when people used to use TV to watch programs and Mobile phones to make and receive calls. The current technology has given options for calling and to watch TV on the mobile phone. Smartphone users have a great advantage of using multiple services in the same device.

Some of the 5 top android applications to watch TV on an Android and an IOS phones

#1: Netscape

Netscape is an old application, which almost started the facilities of using this kind of services only in paid version. The Netscape is a fine application, which provides most of the popular TV shows in the paid version. Netscape provides you services for free of cost now and you will have an opportunity to watch most of the TV shows across the world. Netscape provides leading subscription service for TV series followers and movie lovers. The combined plan and add-on options have given people to the club and enjoy the services by pooling money on a regular basis.

#2: Viggle

Viggle is an application, which provides you videos, music videos, movies, live streaming facilities for free of cost. The primary advantage of using viggle is that you get to earn rewards by using viggle to watch different kinds of videos. If you get paid to what you watch on the viggle, it is definitely the best application, anyone can use. You get to redeem your rewards for a gift coupon from best buy, burger king, old navy, Fandango and so on… you can use the application for free of cost the collections are extremely intense in terms of music videos and TV shows.

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#3: Mobdro

Mobdro is a fine application, which lets you watch different kinds of music videos, TV Shows, live streaming options for free of cost. If you are looking forward to downloading the videos and to enjoy high-quality features on the app, you can definitely go for a paid version or a premium version. The premium version of the application provides you added options like downloading live streaming videos, bookmarking your videos, sharing videos on different social media channels and to set up a sleep timer for the application.

#4: Crackle

Crackle is one of the most popular and widely used applications for people, who are interested in watching latest movies and music videos on a regular basis. Crackle provides you an option to watch movies, TV shows and music videos for free of cost. It is important to have an active internet connection to enjoy the services. Crackle is considered as the user-friendly app, which lets you search the content in a quick span of time.

#5: Hotspot

Hotspot has become popular in a short span of time with the help of their quality services. Hotspot is popular for live streaming of matches and watching latest movies and TV Shows. Hotspot gives you an option to download and live stream for free of cost and has attracted a large customer base in a short span of time. Hotspot comes out with a large collection of movie and music video database based on your language and interests.


Every app comes out with different kind of features and qualities. It is important for you to choose the best application based on the requirement and necessities. Check out for the right and the conveniently featured application by using well before choosing the permanent application. You can also download apps like mobdro for mac.


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