Top 10 Smartphone Cleaning apps for Android

We all are in a generation where we all at least have one Smartphone in our hand. And Smartphone using means compulsory internet service, compulsory mobile phone covers, screen guard, and etc. not only we take care of our mobile physically we also think before downloading an app or an item, also we mandatorily check which app we have to use and which not.

In this whole hustle starting from buying a phone to properly app-managing it, we all decide which security app, and cleaning app we all are using.

Our Smartphone are not enough smart to clean and remove misc item that are not of any use, so we download various cleaning app, but some are the worst app, and some are best. We all use so many apps daily, some of them stay remain in our mobile phone and some of them not, but still they leave behind their app data and cache files. These files create a lot of tension in phone.

To sort out these problem, we bring you simple solution:

10 best apps that are used for cleaning your android mobile phone:

– Clean Master:

Clean Master is really cool app, that helps in clearing app cache, history and junk files. With blue interface it shows the available space in your SD Card and Device Storage. Underneath it gives you a simple navigation, with ease of handling Junk Files, Phone Boost, CPU Cooler, Antivirus, Battery Saver, Notification Cleaner.

They added a new feature called notification cleaner that can block and clean up junk notifications easily to save you time from cleaning them manually.

With one touch access of cleaning junk files you do not have to panic for navigating through the app to clean other misc items. On the main screen you will get a side bar to clean junk, this real cool feature saves your time.

– 360 Security Lite

360 Security Lite helps in phone performance: faster, safer, and quicker. 360 Security Lite is the all-in-one: Optimizing Android, Saving Battery Life and Antivirus that prevents virus and Trojans from taking away your phone details, manages the memory space, cleaning junk (cache) files.

– The real cool help of this application is its Lowest Power Consumption that Exclusively designed for phones with memory less than 1GB.

– Now worrying of installing high packages of application is no more because of Smallest Installation Package i.e. (7MB)

– The lightest mobile security and cache clean tool

– The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean

Cleaning your memory has become so easy these days with The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean app. It is one of the best android cleaners for an Android Phone. It boosts your phone’s speed by cleaning memory and gives you an overview of your phone’s health.

As soon as you open the app Orange and White interface will take allure you to use the app more, the Circle in the app is not only just the icon but the symbol of cleaning loading.

The First page in the app is of Cleaning Memory, and with just one click on the circle your memory cleaning will start.

On the Next page, you will have access to clean storage.

Third page is of cleaning apps residual.

The forth page is the main page and main section of the app. This is the App Locker, this helps you to set pin and lock your apps to have safety and privacy.

– Turbo Booster (Speed Up)

Cleaning your mobile with Turbo Speed is what the need of time. In order to boost your performance of Android device, Turbo Booster is the tool that cleans unnecessary files from memory.
Turbo Booster interfaced with dark blue and white color. On the dashboard you will have access to Junk Files, Memory Clean up, Whatsapp Media, and Apps.

In no time it scans your memory and apps, and tells you how much you have to clean from your mobile phone.

Whats new in this app, is the Whatsapp Media clean up, it ask for permission and then after getting access to clean items it scans your media files and junk files created by Whatsapp and tell you. You can one touch clean your junk items.

– Droid Optimizer

As the name depicts Droid Optimizer is the Android Optimizing app. It helps in cleaning and optimizing the Android Device to improve its performance.

Light blue interface with three circles on the top depicting Ram, Free Space and Broom.

Underneath it allows you to 1-Touch Speed Up, and below it you can clean up junk files, Automatic: this feature allows you to automatically clean up your device and to save energy you can put good night scheduler.

Third option allows you to Manage your apps, and Fourth Option is your privacy advisor, .i.e. you can have privacy set ups on your device.

– All-in-One Toolbox

This software allows you to clean up junk files and boost your mobile speed plus manage your apps. It empty your memory space by cleaning your junk and misc files.

The interface of the app is blue with a Ram card as you open up the app. Followed up by Rom and SD.

Underneath you have option of Clean, Boost and Battery Saver.

The quality of this app is cleaning your phone and optimizing space, which you can just one touch optimize.

– AVG Antivirus 2018 for Android Security.

AVG is not only just phone securing app but also tablet friendly app. AVG antivirus is not new earlier AVG made antivirus for Window PC security.

As soon as the app opens up you can see a Scan button on the top, that scans for the hidden threats.

AVG provided Boost Ram, Clean Junk, Scan Wi-Fi, Notification options in the application. With a pro version you can use Lock Apps feature.

AVG provided this real cool section of Scanning Wi-Fi, you can scan your connected Wi-Fi for any security threats.

Plus another option is of Charge Screen, which enables on charging you phone and tells you when to charge and when not to charge.

– DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

It is a Speed Booster app that clean up Junk Files and Boost Up your Memory.

The classy interface is of eggplant color and the app shows a Liquid Flowing boost in a circular tank.

Followed by Phone Boost, Trash Cleaner, CPU Cooler, Security, Video Chat and Fun Keyboard features.

What’s new in this app is Video Chat and Fun Keyboard feature. You can now video chat with your friends and use different styles of keyboard and put up different pictures on the keyboard.

CPU Cleaner tells you that how much percent you phone is heated. So, if highly heated you can cool down by removing residuals of apps and one touch optimization.

SD Maid Pro

Sd Maid Pro is a free application with which you can keep you android clean and fast. The app comes from the home of darken, and helps you regain memory of your smartphone.

The app is intended for devices that have been rooted. If you have a rooted smartphone, this app will give you a list of tools which will help you keep your smartphone fast. Using the app is extremely simple and doesn’t take long to get familiar with. You can shrink and optimize bloated databases to free more space and make your smartphone fast at the same time.

– Systweak Android Cleaner

Saving Battery by cleaning cache of apps is the main motive of the app, you can boost the speed of device. It optimizes the device and removes the junk from it.

Boosting mobile performance and battery life up to 50%. It stops background running app and release RAM.

As you open up the app, you will see small card of Junk File, File Explorer, Duplicates, Battery, Hidden Files, Whatsapp, Hibernate, Game Speedup, App Manager, Notification, Settings and More.

We can notice some new feature added like Duplicates, Hidden Files, Hibernate, Game Speedup.

Duplicates helps in finding duplicate files from your phone memory.

Hidden Files helps you in getting files that are hidden in mobile.

Hibernate helps in getting notifications and put them on hibernation while you are interacting with other apps.

Game Speedup as the name depicts, it speed up your game by cleaning junk files any and trouble creating app.

– App Cache Cleaner

It is easily handling application, which when you open will show up a blue interface and start scan, and within no time it show up the results of how much junk files you have in your mobile phone. At the bottom you will get a Clear All option that clears all junk files with a Single Touch.

So. All in All, each and every app provides better option to you for cleaning and maintain you handset. Some application provide more cool features like of video chat and app managing. Security of you mobile is the main motive of every app.

You can use any application, as they all are trusted and verified.

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