The new era of computing has arrived

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The new era of computer starts with the quad-core based tablets. With the inclusion of the quad-core processing system in the tablet, advanced computing operation becomes mobile and portable. Now you can carry this advanced computers in a very small space. 

Both a tablet and a laptop

Most of the quad-core tablet comes with a DE-attachable keyboard. While you attach the keyboard you can you the tablet as a laptop and DE-attaching the keyboard would make it a complete tablet with a touchscreen.

Know about your processor

Most of the time the users ignore the specifications of the processing units, however, having a better processing unit would speed up your workflow and would allow a smooth multi-tasking.

Advantage of Quad-Cores

Quad-Cores have several advantages in comparison to the other types of processing units. Quad-Cores lets your computer work in a very efficient way. A Quad-Cores processing unit performs five times faster than a dual-core processing unit.
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The combination of Tegra 2 and Quad-Cores

While a Tegra 2 chip is installed in your computing system, you will have a fantastic graphics and great sound. These chips work smoothly with the Quad-Cores processing units.

Smooth browsing experiences

One of the benefits of having a Quad-Cores processing system is that you will be able to enjoy a smooth browsing. This processor lets your web page install fast. The processing units allow an average of 50% faster-browsing experience in comparison to the dual-core or the other variation of the processing units. Smooth browsing experiences. You can also browse the internet anonymously using a VPN. Click here to browse the internet anonymously.

The real multi-tasking

With the Quad-Cores processors installed your tablet can take up the challenge of high-level multi-tasking. You will never see your computer getting hanged or would find a slow working of the software with a Quad-Cores processing system working on it.

Multi-Media works become smooth

If you are interested in doing Multi-Media works like sound, photo or video editing, this is one of the best processing units you can opt for. You can also enjoy extreme gaming experiences with this processing unit.

Excellent graphics

The graphics being produced by the Quad-Cores quad-core tablet are extremely detailed and clear. The reasons for having better video quality is the fact that this processing unit can handle the better number of pixels. While you compare the picture quality of a Quad-Cores processor and any other processor, you will see the difference

Longevity of your battery

Most of the people think that a better processing unit would use more power. However, the truth is that advanced processing systems like the quad-core tablet runs of lower frequency. This tends to minimize the usage of battery power assuring a great longevity for the batteries. 

Why does the Quad-Cores use less power?

The reason for the lower usage of batteries in the Quad-Cores processor is that the processor spread a load of a task to different circuits and uses the minimum amount of power that is needed for a specific task.

An experiment

The technical study and the jargon might confuse you. But to define the life of the battery a test was held. A 720-pixel video was played until the time the battery fades out. Quad-Cores processor could efficiently play the video for continuous 12 hours making the minimum usage of the battery.

Quad-Cores processor is leading processing system

Quad-Cores processors are among the best processing units available nowadays. However, you need to understand the various usages of a high-speed computing system. The quad-core tablet is highly used for the purpose of heavy duty tasks. This task may include professional video editing or sound editing.

Amazing sound quality

With a Quad-Cores processing system installed on your tablet, you will have an amazing sound quality. Since the processing unit is capable of performing in an advanced way thus, the processor would ensure that sound is detailed and crystal clear.

High performance 

While you are willing to perform advanced and heavy duty task with your computer, you need to select the Quad-Cores processors. Now that these processors are available on the tablets, you will be able to perform heavy duty task from any place. The power of heavy-duty multi-tasking has become portable with the advent of the new quad-core tablet.

Quad-Cores lets you experience better computing

With the advance gaming, better video quality and crystal clear sounds available, you need to have a high-end processor to enjoy them. They quad-core tablet would be the best choice for the advanced computing experiences.

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