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People in the current society are always connected to one another wirelessly. These seamless connections are aided by the World Wide Web. One of the most common methods of connectivity is the usage of Wi-Fi.

Uses of the Wi-Fi

People can play games or connect with social networking sites at a coffee shop via the Wi-Fi provided there. News can be read in offices without having to turn up in front of the television. People are being connected all over, and hence the internet is readily available in almost every corner of the world. Everyone is equipped with smartphones and tablets to keep pace with the growing connectivity.

What is tethering?

Tethering is processed which allow a device to share its internet connection with other devices. Like a mobile phone having internet connection can share its internet access with a nearby tablet or computer equipped with Wi-Fi receiver.

·         Sharing of files

Files can also be shared via technology like Bluetooth. Multiple devices can also be connected to a single hotspot and use the connectivity to get connected to the World Wide Web. The two easiest ways to tether any two or more devices is by connecting them to the USB cable or Wi-Fi.

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Tethering services provided by different systems

The tethering services provided by Android are completely free and made to be easy for use. The user-friendly interface of Android has led towards a huge fan following. There are various services who offer to tether at a certain cost. The carrier might not approve of certain tethers, and hence the users are unable to utilize this feature.

Apps for tethering

One of the simplest apps for tethering in Android environment is FoxFi.

Perks of this app

This tethering app is free and is highly user-friendly. It provides a one-touch checkbox for turning the tether on and off.

·         Customizable while using it

It also allows the user to start a hotspot with a custom name along with a WPA-PSA protection password. This app also supports Bluetooth-based tether. However, some carriers have blocked this app for their phones to maintain their personal interest.

·       Extended Controls-

This is not a tethering app explicitly. However, it gets the job done right from the home screen. Primarily it is a widget and procuring this will cost $0.99 for each user. It is a highly customizable widget.

·    The toggle button on these controls

This widget lets the user toggle various functions within the phone right from the home screen. When the user wants to toggle the Wi-Fi hotspot, he can simply click on the toggle button as and when required.


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