SQLBak Review –Why Do You Need This SQL Backup Utility?

SQLBak Recovery software is an efficient solution to perform SQL Database Backup and retrieval without any error. SQLBak is a safe and secure SQL Server Backup utility which keeps track of SQL database completely in your website.

About SQLBak

SQLBak tool is used to backup and restore the SQL database of your website and copy the same to External Cloud backup (i.e. FTP, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc.)

SQLBak makes it easier to schedule backup automatically and get remote access to SQL database. It also sends alerts about SQL server status as it keeps track on SQL server.

Why SQLBak?

SQLBak is used to automate the process of SQL server backup and also keeps track on the SQL server in real time. Here’s why you need to go with SQLBak over anything else in this domain –

  • To secure your SQL backup and restore your precious data without any error
  • You can get full control and remote access to your SQL database on the go
  • To keep track on the status of SQL server and send alerts to your email frequently without any delay
  • To have a copy of SQL data at the external Cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, automatically
  • To maintain multiple SQL servers at once
  • To save your valuable data to Restore Point and to recover your website

It is recommended to go with SQLBak as it can manage all SQL backup and retrieve the data automatically. You must choose it for 100% safety and security.

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SQLBak – Key Features

SQLBak features a lot of amazing and exciting benefits for SQL server. It has a lot of amazing and different features. Most of us want to secure our valuable data on the server. Hence, these are the essential features we like the most –

  • Regular Email Alerts

SQLBak is designed to send alerts about the activities it conducts on SQL server and report to your mailbox. You can monitor the SQL database status on your website. It also records the performance of your website frequently and sends the report to your inbox on the timely basis. So, you can stay safe and aware all the time.

  • Protects Your SQL Database

Have you ever face any worst event happened with SQL database?

The worst thing is when your website is malfunctioning and server go down. With SQLBak, you can easily secure your SQL database and restore all the files back. It collects and mirrors SQL database effortlessly. You can easily backup your data at one place to restore the SQL database within no time.

Install it Once and Don’t log in again

Once SQLBak is installed on your system, it can do everything on the SQL Server. You just have to log in once. It won’t ask you to log in again when you try to monitor or access the SQL section.

You just have to install a light program (6 to 7 MB) in your Windows so it can easily work for you. You can manage every action easily at once without having to log in again.

User-Friendly Wizard and Secure Communication

The complete activity conducted by SQLBak is safe and secure. It builds Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to make everything valid and authentic. It features interactive and self-explanatory wizard and the dialog box to keep things easier.

How to Use SQLBak?

Here’s how to backup and restore your SQL server database with SQLBak recovery utility –

  • Go to SQLBak.com and click Download Menu to get the program


  • Click the setup and install SQLBak tool on your laptop or desktop
  • You will want to enter Secret Key. For the secret key, you will have to register at SQLBak.com.
  • After creating the account successfully, you will get a secret key from its Dashboard. Use this key on the software that is installed on your PC. Connect to the server by entering details.

  • Click on “Test” button to find out if connection is secure and click on “Save & Close”
  • Finally, the software is installed on your system for remote access. It’s time to configure your website.
  • Click on “Add a New Job” from Dashboard to backup your server and then “Continue to Job Settings”


You can configure the feature “Schedule Backup” and allow it to send email notifications to automate it.


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