Requirements for Starting a Youtube Channel

YouTube is a vast platform where an innumerable amount of videos are shared and watched on a daily basis. In the past times when YouTube wasn’t widely used by almost everyone, uploading videos on YouTube were considered something not less than a miracle. But, now when everyone knows how the video is uploaded, it has no longer left as a tiring or some “extraordinary” task. Now, uploading a video on YouTube as simple as clicking a selfie from your phone.

So, what are the requirements to start up your first ever YouTube channel are to be discussed here? Let’s have a look.

Start with a Phone or Webcam, and then Evolve

No matter what is the niche of your video that you are about to upload, for instance, reaction videos, product review videos, and many such, all you need to set up your channel is just a Google account and camera that records video pretty well. This camera may be any hand-held video camera, any PC’s or laptop webcam or your phone’s camera. Whatever is the type, but using a camera is the primary requirement.

Now, just focus the camera on the subject to be recorded (probably you), press record button, and go on, start shooting, your video has been started. This is the reason why Vloggers are more comfortable on YouTube: they just have to press the record button and express themselves out to the world!

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You are not limited here. You might need much more than this and so does your viewers expect much more. Besides, just vlogging any moment, you can record and present the stuff differently and attractively; these methods attract some viewers to your channel.

You need a Camera

Yes, we have already discussed this requirement. But, the reason why it has been listed separately is to understand the type of camera you need to start your YouTube channel initially. As I have discussed, any camera can be used for recording: laptop or PC webcam or phone’s camera. You might doubt that using these cameras might degrade the video quality. But, what you need to understand is that at this point of time, when you are going to just start up a YouTube channel, the only that would be noticed by the viewers will be the content, not the video quality. Also, the quality provided by these cameras won’t be too low to be used. So, just feel free to use these cameras and build up your viewers. Once you have great traffic for your videos, then you can upgrade your equipment to some better quality.

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If you have any funds to invest, then you can go for a DSLR like the Nikon D3400, it would be a good choice. For having shots that are too close, you might need an appropriate lens that should have low f-number; this would keep the background out-of-focus, and ultimately your video will look amazing.

So, what you need is to search for the best camera that is pocket-friendly and buy it. Don’t be just restricted by the price, there is even so many equipments available for fewer prices.

You need a Tripod

The stability of a video is a keen factor that adds up to the quality of a video. There must not be any wobbling. This can be prevented by use of a tripod. Tripod lets you keep the camera in a stable position so that you can record a perfect video. These tripods are not too expensive to buy. When you are recording using your smartphones or any such devices, it is recommended to use a portable tripod that suits well to the smaller cameras.

The important thing to be considered here is that the tripod you are using must not be heavier than your camera; if it is not so, then due to the heavy top, the tripod may fall, and it can damage your camera.

You need a good Microphone

This is the most important thing that you need. But, it proves to be a bit tricky. Though buying a microphone is essential, but it is a bit expensive. Here, you can use built-in mic on your phone or laptop, but the quality of sound recorded will not be too good. The audio can be adjusted by using audio editing software, but again, this won’t prove to be a better help. So, it would be better if you buy some good quality microphone that too pocket-friendly.

If you don’t want to read a lot, simply refer to this article that lists some good microphones.

Microphone Placement

  • Camera Mounted: The microphones are mounted along with the camera, and it picks up everything in the background along with your voice.
  • On your desktop: If the camera placed on your desktop is at a right angle, then it picked up only the desired and wanted the voice.
  • Clipped to your tie: Here, whatever will be recorded will only be your voice.

Once it is decided where the microphone will be mounted, the very next step will be to figure out the options that suit your needs. If you are recording in the running around outdoors, then tie-clip mic might not be a help to you.

You may need a Video Game Capture Solution

If the niche of your YouTube channel is Video games, then, you would have to record your achievements and exploits in the game.

Here, you have three options:

  • Point your camera at the monitor/TV: If you opt this, then it won’t help you attract your viewers or make them serious about your content.
  • Stick to Android Gaming: The android devices available nowadays, are Play Games compatible and thus, can completely record your video game exploits along with your face and your commentary. This can be uploaded to the YouTube instantly.
  • Video Capture Device: Earlier, a video capture device was required to employ for the purpose of recording or streaming the video footage. It is the intermediate device between HDMI cable and monitor.

Modern computer platforms require a separate video capture device for the games pointless. Windows 10 and Xbox can record the video games natively.

You may need a Green Screen for Chromakey. Here is a video that explains how to do it in a simple way.

If you want to add some extra effects to your video or your vlog, then you can make use of a green or blue screen. It might cost around $50. But, this can be done in an even cheaper way. You can make use of old sheets, curtains or any card that gives the shade of green. This is not a requirement but can be used to add some extra effects.

Video and Audio editing tools

Along with the physical hardware, there is a need for software programs for starting a YouTube channel. Most important and quite obvious is a video editor. Since YouTube is all about videos, so video to be uploaded has to be edited, and thus, a video editor is required. The readily available video editing software programs are compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC OS. Apart from this, YouTube itself provides a great deal of video editing tools. You can even take it into account.

Additionally, you require another software, i.e., Audio editor. It is used to edit and cut out all the unwanted noise from the audio and to generate fruitful audio. One of the best audio editing tools is Audacity. It is free of cost and has an amazing set of features.

Breaking Out into a real studio

So, by now, you might have been clear with what you require to start up your YouTube channel. Now, after making several videos and gaining abundant viewers and comments, you might wish to expand the level of your videos. This is again as simple as you started the first video. You just have to upgrade the equipment you’ve been using and to get an area which is noise proof and completely devoted to making videos.

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Final Words:

At this point, I believe that you might have figured out what do you need and how to use everything. Now, what’s left is RECORDING. Now, go and record your first video and upload it to YouTube and gain numerous viewers.

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