Remote Administration of Systems Done Effectively and Properly

The remote administration technology is gaining its grounds in rapid succession owing to its flexible options which allow admins to access remote systems with ease. This access connectivity can be achieved in no time at all. Large numbers of IT industries are utilizing this technology to boost productivity while cutting down on the expenses.

Result of this increased demand

The increased demand for remote administration has paved the way for the development of newer administration software. Among various administration tools, the remote admin software is gaining huge popularity owing to their flexible options, enhanced efficiency, and high reliability.

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Replacing the PC Anywhere software

For PC Anywhere users, it was a huge shock when Symantec recommended its users to uninstall the PC Anywhere software. However, these users do not have to be disheartened as there are various similar apps on the market.  These apps will also allow the users to remotely access and control their PC. There are different types of apps available out of which some are free while others are not.

How to use remote administration?

To remotely access a system, the administrative control software has to be installed on the host machine that is the machine which has to be accessed. The user can take access to the system by means of the internet or a local connection like LAN. The host PC, however, has to be powered on and connected to media.

Various software to remotely control a system

There is various software which allows remote control of a system. Remote control software includes various features like access to task manager, remote shutdown, program execution, terminal connections, etc. These features are tailored to be essential as far as remote system administration is concerned.

·         Chrome Remote Desktop Beta- This is a free add-on to the Chrome browser developed by GOOGLE. It allows the remote control to another PC by a one-time authentication code. This is supported on Windows, Mac or Linux as long as both the host and the target are running Chrome. It allows full access to the host machine but is still in its beta stage.

·        GoToMyPC- GoToMyPC allows access to a PC running Windows or Mac remotely via a browser and having an internet connection. This is a paid software costing $9.95 per month. This software is also available in the form of a mobile app for Android and iPad. This software allows copy paste of files between two systems.

·         Laplink Everywhere- This software is a browser-based tunneling between two systems. The free version of this software allows the user to view the contents of the remote system and search for files there. The search results can be sent as attachments via email.

·         The paid version- The paid version costing $49.95 allows full system control, file transfers, mail as well as file synchronizations. An internet explorer toolbar is available which makes it easy to gain control and view the files. This software is also available as an iPhone app. The developers of Lap link also claim that remote access can be initiated by any smartphone having a browser and working internet connection.

·         LogMeIn- This software provides several products to connect to a system. It allows access to the system and then taking control over it. The free version is a basic one offering a connection to a single PC or Mac via a web interface. It also provides a free to use the app for iPhone and iPad.

·         The paid version-However, the android version is a paid one. The Android version costs $29.99. The professional version to be used on the desktop is priced at $69.95. This version is equipped with lots of different features like remote printing, video streaming in HD, remote sounds, file synchronization, etc.

·         Remote Desktop Connection- This remote control software was designed for Windows 7. This allows the remote control to the host PC via means of an active internet connection. This software, however, sports a separate client for Mac users. The setup for this remote control is however quite tricky while compared to other remote control software.

·         Specific PCs where it will not work-According to Microsoft’s FAQ’s, the Windows 7 version cannot be used in PCs running Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic or Windows 7 Home Premium. If the target PC is running Vista version on their system, they cannot connect to Windows Vista Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Basic N or Win XP.


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