How To Play iTunes Music on Echo? ♫ (Elementary Steps)

Smart speakers have been one of the concepts that have taken the world of advanced technology by storm. The smart speakers have been the first thing that catered to the smart homes concept. These make use of smart assistant AI and mesh network for their functionality. One such smart speaker that has been making huge waves is Amazon Echo. How would you play iTunes Music on Echo? That is precisely what we would be covering in today’s post.

Smart Speakers and Amazon Echo – An Overview

As we stated before, Smart Speakers are what would be your first entry into the concept referred to as the Internet of Things. The mesh networking and AI-powered personal assistant make it the ever listening and always active speaker to perform a host of everyday things that you would normally do.

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Along with Lenovo’s Alexa based smart assistant speaker, Apple’s HomePod, and Google’s own Home Speaker – Amazon Echo is one of the excellent choices. The issue with these smart speakers is the fact that they tend to come with their own platform and thus make it a little difficult to use with one another.

As most of us know that few online music player apps such as Spotify support voice commands to play their playlist and songs on Echo (Check it out here: Alexa Spotify Commands). But that’s not the case with iTunes Music in general. That is precisely what would bring us to discussing one of the major queries –> How To Play iTunes Music On Echo?. We will explain here below.

How To Play iTunes Music on Echo?

Can Alexa play iTunes? Well, yes. You may need to follow a few steps as featured herein. If you want to make Echo play iTunes music, you will need to sign in to your Amazon account first. Let us go through the steps hereby.

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Configure Amazon Music

If you are an Amazon customer, you should have access to Amazon Music. It is free for every Amazon member. In fact, it is this place that you will put your iTunes music into if you want to play iTunes Music on Echo.

You can either opt for the Amazon Prime membership or go with Amazon Music unlimited. You may choose the best subscription plan that suits you, but it isn’t necessary to opt for paid options though.

Pull Your Music From Cloud

In fact, once your Amazon Music account is set up, you may easily upload your local music stored on your computer to the Amazon Music. But since we are interested in how to play iTunes on Echo, we may need to check out how to upload the music from the Cloud to Amazon Music.

Download the songs/tracks from your iTunes library to your computer. This will ensure that you are downloading everything related to the album like podcasts, album art, and other details. This is bound to take time and will depend upon the number of songs you have in your collection and the total size.

Remove the DRM Restrictions from your iTunes Music

The next step will need you to remove the DRM restrictions from your iTunes library. One may consider it to be equivalent to hacking. However, we assure you that it is not illegal by any standard and there are tools that will let you do that. If any of the songs you have in your iTunes library are protected by DRM, they may not play on any other device. You can remove the DRM yourself though it is a time-consuming process. Or better still, you can opt for service that does it for you at an affordable pricing.

Upload iTunes Music To Amazon Music

The next step would be to uploading iTunes music to Amazon cloud. It should take an equal amount of time as it took while downloading the music from the iTunes cloud. Be patient and upload the content to your Amazon Music library.

You may also take help from services that specialize in the task of uploading your files to Amazon. If you are doing it yourself, follow the steps here –

  • Go to your Music Library on Amazon.
  • Click on Upload Your Music.
  • A prompt requests you to download Amazon music Downloader. This will simplify the procedure.
  • Next, you can either let Amazon choose the music to download or choose the directory yourself so that you can specify the location.

Wait for the completion of the process. Meanwhile, you may continue to work with any of other tasks.

Check Your Upload  Consistency

Check your upload for any missing files. Until you have checked it properly, never delete the files from your hard drive. Find if you have any missing files. You can also check if you have proper artwork and album art.

In case, you have any misplaced info, you can edit the songs info and arrange them accordingly.

Well, that should do it. Congratulations for successfully creating your iTunes library on Amazon Music and they should be easily played by your Amazon Echo. If you have been trying your Alexa play iTunes, these steps should allow you to do that.

Conclusion On How To Play iTunes Music On Echo (Elementary Steps)

That should do it. Anyone by following the above mentioned elementary steps can create personalized Alexa music library in minutes. One can easily play it on their Amazon Echo with ease. In fact, your Amazon Echo is indeed a great device in its own right. Take your own time to customize it and enjoy the complete services that they offer you.

We assume that the steps featured here should provide you a complete understanding of the tasks involved in how to play iTunes music on Amazon Echo. If still in doubt, you may get in touch with us through the comments section here below. We would make distinctive efforts in addressing your concerns respectively.


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