PBN Hosting – What it is and How it Works?

Blogging has recently become an attractive means of earning a decent income. From the days when it was considered to be something you can indulge in your free time to satisfy your creative urge, blogging has now become an industry in itself. Every one of us can create extraordinary content on our blogs. But, only a select few can get best rankings through SEO. PBN Hosting or Private Blog Network Hosting is one of the means you can attempt to get top rankings.

PBN Hosting

What is PBN Hosting?

PBN Hosting refers to Private Blog Network hosting. It is a set of domains that are owned by you singularly or a group of individuals.

A PBH Hosting normally uses the expired domains. It could so happen that a webmaster has created an exciting site. The site has had a lot of traffic. The domain can be left by the webmaster for several reasons and it could be possible that the domain is not registered. Such domains expire and would be available for cheaper price.

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What is the need for PBN Hosting?

PBN Hosting lets you control the content and the links within the domain. It allows you create or alter the content so that it can match well with your niche. You can change anchor text as well.

In fact, an expired domain is likely to bring in more ranking power than a new one. It will let you pass more link juice if it has one. Why? It has a correlation to the Google policy. Google places more value on a domain depending upon its age. For instance, an expired domain from 2010 can pass more link juice than the one created in 2015.

Some tricks and tips with respect to PBN Hosting

PBN Hosting is normally discouraged Google and other search engines. You may need to follow some tips to ensure that you are not discovered.

Some such tips can be summed up as

    • Ensure Different IP Addresses – All your domains in your PBN should have different IP addresses. Same IP address would mean that the domains are owned by a single person. This would indicate that there is some sort of illegality associated with the backlinks. Set up different IP addresses so that your PBN Hosting is not discovered.
    • Content – The content on your PBN Hosting should be able to stand on its own. In fact, the content should be capable of passing through the manual review. Make sure that the content published on your PBN Hosting is unique and is not published anywhere else. Ensure that you are not using the old content from the site. However, it would be important to fit the content well with the topic of the site.
    • Links – This is the major reason you are interested in a PBN. You would wish to get links from the PBN site to your main site. The articles that point to your main site should be minimal. It would be wiser to have one link in a year. Having a huge number of backlinks to your site will make it look quite unnatural. This can be a cause that can expose your PBN. Along with the link to your main site, you can also link to other authoritative sites. Ensure not to link to your competitor sites.
    • Resist the urge to share – Never share your PBN site. Sharing can let you get more links, but it is invalid as pointed out in the first point we made in this section.
    • Have a limit to the PBN Domains that point to your site – Never have more than two PBN sites or domains linking to your main site. You can use a tiered approach. Let PBN Networks point to themselves and then to your site. The following image should make it clearly understandable.Private Blog Network

Pros and Cons of PBN Hosting

As with any other software tool, PBN Hosting too has its own set of advantages and disadvantages –


      • It ensures you get backlinks in high quality from authoritative domains.
      • You should be able to have a control over your content and center it around the backlinks you want for your main site.
      • You can change the anchor text as per your requirements.


    • PBN works with expired domains. It may not be an easy task to find expired domains.
    • You need to produce quality and unique content both for your main site and the PBN site.
    • Payment for hosting accounts may be a little more than what you would expect.
    • You would need separate IP addresses.

The Final Thoughts

A PBN Hosting can be helpful for getting better traffic to your site. It can help your main site to get enough traffic. It can be a cumbersome affair to set up a PBN Hosting service, but once configured properly – you can be assured of better control over your backlinks.

PBN Hosting can be quite beneficial, but it carries a factor of risk with it. You will need to abide by the Google policies. If Google finds out that you are not playing by the rules, they can deindex your site without notice and can even penalize you. However, using PBN Hosting safely won’t have any adverse effects. Have caution and reap the benefits of PBN Hosting!

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