Why build a native app rather than a web app for your Uber clone Taxi App

In the days when entrepreneurs and service providers had initially thought of smartening up their business to get maximal clientele, it was usually the idea that they would get a highly interactive and engaging website. The website would be eye-catching and get as many people converted as possible. However in this day and age that is not the case.

If we look at the first on-demand app that was developed, Uber we realize that it is a native app. It was built solely for use on smartphones and the subsequent web page was just a landing page where people would know how to go about downloading and using the app.

Users just download Uber, and search for and book a cab directly from their smartphone. The process of getting a cab has been made much faster as it saves waiting time.

The Uber concept has caught the eye of many an entrepreneur and they are all looking for a mobile app that works using Uber technology. However, the sore point of this decision is whether to build a native app or a web app.

To make it simple for you to decide, I list here a few reasons why you should opt for a native app for your Uber clone rather than a web app.

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Simple and easy to use

Native apps are much easier to use compared to their web-based counterparts. Entrepreneurs and taxi business owners can get the app designed according to their specific business requirements. The flexibility provided by native apps will also help drive more users to download and use the app. Native apps are not only easy to use but also offer ease of navigation as well as communication.

It’s Faster

The digital world helps us save time. An email is much quicker than a letter, online shopping is much faster than browsing through numerous shops trying to get the best deal etc. The same applies to your native Uber clone. A few taps on the app for searching for a taxi is much faster than making a call to a taxi firm and waiting for one to arrive.

Users can look for and book a taxi within seconds with the surety of the pickup time. The icing on the cake is that users can book a cab on the go without looking for a computer to do the same.   It also saves time for all the users; the drivers, the riders and most importantly the owner of the taxi business who runs and operates the app.

Inbuilt multi-functions

Developers can stuff as many features and facilities as they want on a native app with the help of the Software Development Kit (SDK). That is why the apps can be customized according to the user requirements, making the app more effective and therefore helps generate more revenue for the owners.

A further advantage offered by native apps is the GPS facility, which helps in connecting drivers to riders seamlessly. Users and drivers use the GPS facility to track their respective counterparts by indicating their current location on the app.

Delivery of information in real time

The user can track the driver at all times with the help of the wonderful GPS feature. This is a smart feature for the driver as the rider will know exactly when the driver arrives or is late for some reason. Both can also track the location of the other with ease.

 A Refined customer experience

The facility to look for, book and get a ride at your doorstep in minutes is the most important aspect of any taxi business. The native app provides this smart user experience and effortless convenience thanks to the exclusive set of features that are integrated into the app.

Gives a better user experience all round

The app has the facility to save all your personal data, including your credit and debit card details, therefore making it easy to use anywhere and everywhere without worrying about lose money, wallet etc.

The only thing you need with you is your smartphone – just log onto the app and book your ride. The rest is all taken care of. That is why Uber became successful – it offers convenience compared to other services.

The above reasons, in a nutshell, say why it is better to build a native app for your Uber clone; a clone that will not only be outstanding but will become a hit as far as your taxi business is concerned.

Get cracking on your own successful native Uber app clone and taste the success that only this amazing app will bring to your taxi business.

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