How To Stop Candy Crush Request On Facebook

Facebook is the most popular and most visited social networking platform in the world. The number of users has even crossed the population of big countries and why it shouldn’t be? The interactive user interface allows the user to play games and most recent activities. Facebook has drawn a bridge with which friends and families can stay connected and updated by diminishing the distance. But sometimes the overuse of the platform becomes a headache. The users who play games online on the platform send various types of requests to their friends irrespective of the common interest. This becomes a huge problem when the notifications are flooded with unwanted game requests. This irritating situation can be easily dealt without causing any harm in the relationship with the friends.

Candy Crush requests

The biggest success of is Candy Crush. Almost every user had played it once. Those who are hooked to the game send requests to the fellow players for lives, tickets, extra moves and many other things to unlock different levels and progress. The requests are not a problem for those who are involved in the same business. Those who do not play the game, they find it very irritating to remove the requests from the notification bar.

Steps to block the requests

For different platforms the approaches are different. Below are the steps to follow to disable the notifications in different platforms.
•    Facebook account: To block the notifications in a Facebook account is very easy. Open a tab in your browser and load the homepage of Facebook. Go to your account by entering the details and password. After the profile details have loaded properly, hit the drop-down button in the topmost right corner of the page. A menu will drop down with several options in it. Select the ‘Settings’ option and you will eventually see the ‘General Account Settings’ page in your browser. Go to ‘Apps’ option in the left sidebar of the page. A new page will appear which will show all the integrated apps in your profile. Find the ‘Candy Crush Saga’ icon and hit the pen-like structure beside it which means ‘edit.’ The ‘Candy Crush Saga’ page will appear. You will find an option ‘Send you notifications.’ Select ‘No’ and exit the page after saving the change. The job is done.
•    iOS: First, launch the application on ‘Facebook’. Visit the ‘Settings’ option in the ‘More’ bar. In the ‘Settings’ screen, go to the notifications option. In this notification page, you will find a lot of options. Scroll down to find ‘Application Invites.’ The box will show all the application invites you to get for the loaded applications. You can remove the tick marks beside the application icons of the applications. Search for the game’s icon and un-tick it. In this way, you can disable selective application invites and requests in iOS.
•    Android OS: Those who use Android-based smartphones and devices and want to block the notifications and invites from Candy Crush Saga players first hit the Facebook icon and enter into your profile. After the profile is properly launched, visit the ‘More’ option which is in the top right corner of the page. After hitting the option, a drop-down box will appear with different options in it. Select the ‘App Settings’ option and you will find another box of options appear on your phone. In this box, you can find a lot of options that can be enabled or disabled in a separate way by hitting the tick icon. If the icon is blue, then it means the option is active in your profile. Find the ‘Application requests’ option and un-tick the blue tick option. You will see that the ‘Application requests’ alert is off. After unticking the option, all the application requests will be blocked or turned off for you.
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With the increase in popularity of the game, there is an upsurge in unwanted requests too. Follow the above easy steps to block or turn off the notifications from the users that you do not want to see without harming any sentiment. After the process is done, the experience will be pleasant and not infected by the irritating request notifications. Avail this blocking option and enjoy surfing your Facebook profile in peace.


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