How to speed up your mobile

Are you having a smartphone with 512 MB or 256 RAM? You might be facing issues regarding slowing down your phone. What to do in such conditions? Before finding any tips and blindly follow them, first, understand the reason for machine slow down. This will help you resolve the issue easily with some tools or with some manual works too.

Reasons for phone slowing

There are several reasons for which your system is slowed down. Here is the list of the things that are usually responsible for slowing down your system.
•    Too many cache files – The first of the reason is too much cache file. Cache file or the temporary files are the files that the apps or the software have captured to run the programs. They are captured, and the program has already been finished, yet the cache or temp files remain in your system and slows down the device performance.
•    Residual files block the Memory – Residual files are the remnants in your phone. You have uninstalled a program or deleted a part of the folder or a folder itself, but the impression of them remains with your device. You will have to remove them. Otherwise, the residual files will put stress on your phone.
•    Unusual registry files – After the caches and residual files, there are two things more to be checked, since they put pressure on the memory of your phone. The first of them is the registry files. All the apps have a registry number, and that remains on the phone, even if you uninstall the files. The second one is the list of blank folders, which are of no use for you.
•    Running apps – Your apps on the smartphone must have taken much space of your Ram. They are all functioning from the RAM and is also storing the files or the necessary caches over the RAM, slowing down your system.
•    Unused application’s crowd – The final thing that slows down the phone are the unused system applications. They are never used by you, but they put pressure on the RAM and slows down the machine randomly. The running application on the system is another reason that slows down your machine. More the number of apps, that are running consecutively, more will be the pressure on RAM and slower will be your machine.
Fix the errors: Now that you have the idea about the things, you will have to find out the different ways, with which you can make your phone faster.
•    Install a good Cleaner – The first thing you will have to do is to install a cleaner on your phone. Try to install a helpful, yet low weight app, so that the app itself cannot put more pressure on the RAM. This app will be effective to clean the caches, temp files, residual files and even the empty folders. So, check them in the app itself. You need to set auto boost option in the app too so that it can boost up your phone and free up some space, every hour. So, an app can be the best solution for you, especially when you are looking for a faster phone. There can be some added features in the app, like that of killing the ongoing processes, remove the apps that are not required or less used and even transfer an app data to the SD Card, but this requires additional access.
•    Root your phone – The additional access can be provided to the software easily by rooting the phone. While you root the phone, you can uninstall the system apps too, which you never use. This will free up some space and will also help you in getting better control over your Phone RAM. When your phone is rooted, you can even transfer some of the app files to the SD card and can even increase the RAM space virtually. There is another thing that you will have to consider here, and that is in the form of the memory card. You must have at least an 8 GB memory card, especially when you have a 256 MB RAM, and Rooted phone.

The above guidelines are going to give you the perfect solution in all the cases. When you have a wider RAM, like 2 GB or 1 GB, then simple cleaning app can do the same for you, but in other cases, follow the steps mentioned and get the fruitful results.


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