How to increase uTorrent download speed

UTorrent must be your favorite application to download latest movies, big music collections and full version games and software including the patches and key generators. You must be listening to your friends that they are getting great downloading speed on their PC, and that makes you depressed. There is nothing to get depressed since you are going to get the same speed on your uTorrent. Just go through some of the most useful tips and that will be helping you in getting a better speed.

Download the proper torrent

The first tip is regarding your file download. You are going to get a better downloading speed if you download a magnet link to the file. However, there is another thing that you will have to check out there. The first of them is the number of seed and the second one is the number of leeches. More the seeds more are the chance to increase your downloading speed. If leech exceeds the number of seeds, it will degrade the download speed of yours.
So, the first thing that you will have to notice is the number of seeds that are there in the torrent link. You are going to provide the best options for yourself if the torrent link has the best seed. Now at the time of download, go for the magnet link, instead of the torrent link.

Decrease the upload speed

The second thing that you will have to do is regarding the downloading setup. Click the torrent link, after you opened it with the uTorrent application and chosen the folder of its download. Right click on it and go to the properties. In the properties, you are going to find the properties. Go there and set the upload limit to 1. By default, that will be set as 0. The value 0 means, it’s infinite. Whenever the download limit is 0, your data will be consumed in the upload. So naturally, that will affect your download speed. So, check that to 1 and keep the download speed to 0. This will provide you the higher speed of download.
Increase the bandwidth
Bandwidth allocation of the torrent file downloading stream must be set to high. It will naturally increase the number of gateways for the seeds. More the seeds provide you the data; faster will be your download. So, you are going to get the most from there. Once you get through the settings, you can check that the download speed is increasing fast, of course when you have a better internet connection. The bandwidth of your internet connection is going to make the change. If you are connected to broadband, either with a Lan or with a Wi-Fi setup, your speed will be maximized then.
Easy ways to increase the download speed 
After all the things that you have checked at the time of downloading the torrent file and while you set up the downloading features of the files, there are some of the things, that you will have to check out. The first among them is regarding your bans and peers. You will find that the high speed went down, after 10 minutes of download and it is not going up. In such cases, you will have to reset bans and peers. If you are finding that the trackers are more, and you are getting a feed from only a few, then update the tracker. This will give you the advantage to get the seeds of the other trackers, that are online. Thus your download speed will increase heavily and fast.
uTorrent – get the best experience 
All the above things are easy and customized features, which you can easily include in the system, by simple manipulation. You are going to remove all the obstacles to the above-mentioned process, that is decreasing your downloading speed and that will give you the speed that your friends share about themselves. So, you can very well match hat with yours and get the updated speed from the tiny tool. UTorrent is the best part of the system, and that will fetch for you all the recent movies of HD qualities, an excellent collection of soundtracks and even the patched games and software. Get the tool and find the best help for you. You will stop general downloads after using the tool.


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