How to Get Popular on Youtube in 2018 ?

Every new beginner wants to know “How to be famous on YouTube?”. To learn this, the first thing you should be sure about is: You have to be good at “Something,” and this something helps you to gain everything. The second thing is Branding. All the successful YouTubers have to brand. Branding means the content of your video .i.e. what is going to show to the audience. These are basic steps to becoming a “YouTube Fame.”

Examples of branding from some famous YouTubers:

  • PewDiePie: The originator of ‘Let’s Play’ style videos.
  • Epic Meal Time: Cooking the sickest meals on the Internet.
  • Ray William Johnson: Commenting on crazy viral video hits.
  • Philip DeFranco: Examining pop culture and current affairs.

Each of the above YouTubers has their channels and their every video based on the

fact that has excelled themselves in that one particular thing and presented it splendidly and thus found the fame. This type of branding is must earn the YouTube fame.

How to become famous on YouTube:

The only craving of every YouTuber is subscribers!

The very basic requirement of getting famous is to have numerous subscribers. Some subscribers define your popularity. Here’s how you can increase your subscribers: At the end of your every video, create an outro, that can be either audio or video, to push your viewers to subscribe your channel and so you can increase your subscriptions. The effectiveness of this outro can even turn your one-time viewer to be your life-long follower.

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At the mid of your videos use YouTube Cards to push more and more people to subscribe. Also, you can link other videos as it can impress viewers more and it increases the chances of subscriptions.

Buy YouTube subscribers to show the users that you have a massive traffic and your videos are valuable. To attract the viewers is not an easy task and to push them to subscribe is another challenge. But, buying YouTube subscribers can prove to be a great help.

You need to produce quality content in order to make your videos stand out and gain subscribers. A major part of quality content production goes to the audio quality of the microphone. You can record with the internal microphone of your laptop or smartphone but I recommend purchasing a good microphone. Here is an article that can help you select the best microphone for a youtube channel. But in a nutshell, you can choose Blue Yeti USB microphone or any of its alternatives. You can also use free audio editing software audacity for editing your audio.

YouTube subscriber widget can be used on websites to attract those viewers who can find your videos on website’s SEO.

Subscribers are the building blocks of your journey towards popularity. They are ones who repeatedly watch your all the latest videos, promote them on their social media and become an important part of your channel’s community.

How to become famous on YouTube using social media

Social media is another key element that helps you to get famous on not only youtube but also many other social media platforms. Social media includes a huge number of viewers, and this can help you increase your subscribers. But this has to be done strategically. Here are some points to follow:

First, choose one social channel and lay all your focus on it. Twitter can be best to use at first as it holds major traffic.

No one will ever follow a channel with 0 followers, so, you can buy the followers and can attract more viewers. Since we are using Twitter as our first social channel, so, you have to buy twitter followers first and then share your YouTube videos them.

Your branding must be constant. Use your YouTube channel logo and header image as your twitter account to assure your followers that they are following the right account. Visual cues can also be used.

At the end of every video or while giving descriptions always give a call “Follow us on Twitter”!. When a viewer follows you on Twitter, you automatically get a subscription to YouTube.

Make a call “Please RT!” for every tweet of your video. Many retweets can also help you to increase your followers.

One BIG viral video for notoriety

Creating a viral video can prove to be a boon to get popularity. A viral video can be made by choosing one of your videos that have proved to be the best one and promote it as much as you can. Having at least one viral video can help you to gain the fame. Every famous and popular YouTuber has at least one viral video, and hence you too need one. Following steps can help you:

First of all, get your latest and best video. Never choose a video that was published years back because it cannot help you get that popularity what this recent video can do. Make sure that this latest video has provided you many subscriptions or you can even buy them has been discussed above.

YouTube views service can be used to boost up the video. Your videos become viral when they have not less than one million YouTube views. No need to worry, slowly you can gain these views.

Any video doesn’t get viral on YouTube but the social media channels when your videos are shared over and over again. So, your social media channels must work properly and hence; your video can turn out to be viral. Follow all the tactics mentioned above to maintain the traffic on your social media.

Mere purchase of viewers is not sufficient. You can even buy the likes and dislikes services. The number of likes on a video also helps to push your viewers to stick to your channel. The number of likes also push the SEO and can also contribute your video to get added to the suggested videos section and also can add your videos to the “Liked videos” playlist of all your followers. Therefore, it adds up to the process of making your video viral.

Once you have that BIG hit video, start tooting your own horn! Create a page about it on your website, talk about it on social media, and you can even create a ‘thank you’ video for your fans. We all know what one big viral hit can do for your career.

This was a simple guide to help you to how to become famous on YouTube. Getting famous is not an instant task, but it is not even an impossible task. It might take some time, but one day you will get that deserving fame. All you need to take care Of is the branding. It has to remain consistent and firm over time. This will surely help you get subscriptions and thus, views. Never, stop your work. Keep going on!


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