How to edit pdf files

PDF files are the portable documented format of a file. These are the best files that you can send through emails since they cannot be edited, as a word file can be. However, if you have an Acrobat support, you can do the necessary editing. What is the editing support that you can avail through Acrobat? This must be your question now. This article will disclose the editing options that you are going to get through acrobat, and that will be helpful for your professional purpose too.

The list of editing option, you will get

•    Ad delete or extract pages –

The first option that you will get in PDF editing is to extract a page or insert a page in the full file. Generally, you cannot add anything to the PDF formatted file. You are going to add some pages to the file or can even extract some pages from the file if you don’t need the other pages. In case, you need to delete a page from the entire file; you are going to get that support too, through acrobat.

•    Create a portfolio –

The next thing that you are going to get through the acrobat part is to make a portfolio of PDF files and can even include a video or audio file on a PDF page. This option can give you the option to include some of the top supports in your file. You can convert the PDF file to an E-brochure easily through this extension supports.

•    Add texts and images in the files and pages –

You can easily add text to a PDF file or can delete a part of it, using the tool. You can insert an image or can delete one even. So, when you are in need of a complete edit, you must have this tool and get the best support in doing an executive work. Make corrections in the executive brochures and even change the font and format of the text that is shown in the PDF files. When you have the tool to you, there is nothing that you cannot do, if you compare that with your word editing.

•    Apply bullets and renumber pages –

You can even edit the scanned images in the form of PDF file, through this tool. This is an additional advantage that you are going to get along with some other options too. The other options include the image extraction and addition. Moving and rotating a block of texts. The pages can be renumbered and even be swapped by the tool. You can even apply bullets in the file, although that has been converted to PDF.

•    Include header and footer –

If you find that the latest file is not having a header or footer in it, you can add that easily in the file, by using Acrobat. Moreover, you can include a digital signature in the file format too. This is an additional advantage for you. You can even add tags and underline or do other editing or review things that you usually do in your word file. So, the tool is going to provide you all options to you, that you need on a daily basis for your business.

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Lock the file to stop further editing

Now you might have the question in your mind in a different way. You must be thinking that if you are able to make the changes in the files, although they are portable and diffused file, then another person can even edit the edited file of yours. In such cases, you can ensure that they cannot do the editing. You can encrypt your file with two types of password. The first type is a locking that will ask for a password to view the file. The second one is to put a password that will stop the access to edit, copy, paste and even take a snapshot. The files then cannot be even encrypted or converted to a word file even. If you allow, then the file can be printed only, but for editing, the user will need the password.

The mentioned above things are the features that you can get in a PDF file if you have the necessary software with you. So, first, avail the software and then do the editing. You can change the full look and feel of the PDF file while you apply the software for you. So, get it now and use it for your best support.


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