The Essential Cold Weather Running Guide

The cooler temperatures are a very welcome relief to many people after an extremely hot summer, but these cooler temperatures also mean dressing differently. When dressing to run in the cold, remember that once you get moving, your body heats up fast, which could result in you feeling too warm if you’re bundled up. The opposite is also true: Once you stop running, you will cool down very quickly, so be prepared to get out of those wet clothes immediately upon finishing your run. It’s always wise to bring a change of dry clothes to put on as soon as you finish your run or to jump into a warm shower if readily available.

Wear the Right Shoes

Investing in a pair of winter-specific running shoes can be a shrewd move, although care should be taken to make sure they suit your running style. Running in the cold can often mean running on the icy or wet ground, and the combination of water seeping through to your toes and cold air can result in painful or numb feet, as well as a greater chance of blistering. Waterproof shoes will protect your toes from the water ingress, which will have a knock-on effect of keeping them warm. You may wish to look at trail running-specific shoes if your runs take you off-road, where things can get much muddier, because this kind will also provide a gripper tread underfoot. Avail upto 30% discount on shoes by using Nike coupon code.

Wind Jacket

Cold weather running in windy conditions can have a severe cooling effect on you, thanks to the wind chill effect. Cutting wind can mean that, no matter how hard you work during your run, you might not be able to generate enough body heat to combat it. As a result, a wind jacket is a great outer layer to be able to pull out of your kitbag. Look for a running specific fit that allows you to hold your arms comfortably, as well as being lightweight, and a good breathability rating in order to help sweat escape.

Running Tights

Leave your running shorts in the drawer because it’s time to break out some running tights. Running tights offer a thin layer over your whole leg, providing added warmth for working muscles and joints, reducing the chances of injury. Clever designs can add levels of compression that help to support to your muscles, while features can include ankle zips to help get them on, as well as allow a level of ventilation.

Neck Gaiter

A neck gaiter is an underrated winter accessory. Even the best cut jacket necklines can allow draughts to sneak in, compromising your comfort while running. You can opt to simply wear a gaiter around your neck while not wearing a jacket to add essential warmth to your neck and throat area or as a layer to fill any gaps that draughts might filter down. This could help stave off infections, while adding additional comfort. You may also find that some neck gaiters can stretch to cover your chin, while thinner types may also double as a makeshift bandana to add a layer of coverage to your head and ears instead of a traditional hat.


Your hands do precious little when running, so they’re always the first to feel the cold, as the body shifts blood to the working muscles. Check out elite marathon or cross country runners, who may wear their normal race kit during big winter and springtime races, but with the addition of simple gloves. Look out for windproof fabrics to keep wind chill from penetrating through to the skin, as well as thermal linings for added warmth and insulation. You might also want to keep an eye out for smartphone touchscreen pads on the fingers, too.

Dress Like It’s Warmer

You want to be warm without sweating so much you get a chill. “The rule of thumb is to dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer,” says Grandonico, a world renowned runner. “You should be slightly cool when you start.” Thick layers of technical fabrics to wick sweat with zippers at the neck and underarm area to vent air as you heat up. The more you run outdoors, the more you’ll learn your own preferences.

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Here are the six vital pieces (The Best Cold Weather Running Guide) that should be in your kitbag so you don’t shy away from the cold. Have you set yourself a running goal for 2018, but feel yourself already stagnating on the treadmill, as you try to save yourself from the chill of winter? With smart cold weather running kit choices, you can make your return to outdoor running quicker than you think. 

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