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Are you running out of space on your phone? If so, you need to stop some of the functions immediately. One such action is in the form of stopping auto download on the WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the place where you are not only going to get the photos, but also the audios and the videos. When the media files are downloaded automatically, they will not only take more space but will also charge you for the data you are consuming. You are looking for the exact support about stopping the auto download feature, but before that, you will have to know where is the location, which enables the auto download feature. Once you are aware of it, you are going to get the best support easily.

Types of Media automatically downloaded

Before everything, you will have to know the different media, that are downloaded automatically. Among them, the top is as follows:
Video – This is the media that takes the maximum space in your memory. Most of the time the path of the directory is in the internal memory. So, you can find the storage space crisis and even can face the difference, regarding the data usage. More video download means you are consuming more data. If you are using your mobile data, that it can cause you lose excessive data, depending on the flow of video you receive.
Audio –This is the file format that consumes adequate space, and that can even cost you the data loss inadequate. However, the space that is consumed by the audio file is much less than the audio files. This is the key to your success.
Photos –This is the last segment of media that can be automatically downloaded. You will find that they are the lightest among all the different media files, but you will find it very tough to find the right help to stop automatic download of the files.

What are the conditions of downloading?

 There are three conditions of auto-download. You will find that in the chat settings of your WhatsApp. Following are the details of the three options that you will get in the auto download section. In all the case, you will have to set up the options quite effectively.
Mobile data usage – Mobile data means, you are using the internet on your mobile through the GPRS connection, enabled on your phone. It will consume the charge of your phone since no broadband is connected to it.
Wi-Fi usage – This is the data that you will get as a feed from the broadband. The connection here is through the air and is directly connected to the router. So, you will not find any data consumption here, for the automatic download, but the memory space management can be tough.

Roaming – This is the condition when you are using your data card connection, while you are out of the connection cycle of yours. The packages which include the internet and even the phone charges are all different here. The charging that you will have to bear here is also different. The separate arrangement of this connection is due to the fact that, you can switch on auto download, while you are in the city and stop it while outside.

How to stop the auto download?

Now you have understood what is the function of auto download and how it is connected. Go step by step here. Start the switching off of automatic download when you have a perfect business with you. Start with the mobile data usage feature. When you go to the chat settings and find the Mobile data usage part, you will find the option, automatic media downloads. Get inside it and find the three media download option. Now, you will find them to be ticked all the time since that is the default settings. Now undo or untick them to stop the automatic download. Do that for all the connections. You will get an immediate result.
The above steps and knowledge will help you in getting better savings in terms of space management and in terms of your money and data savings. So, make the arrangement at the very initial stage and get the result soon. You will love to carry a phone that is not giving an alert for low space. You can get that effect by stopping the auto-download option in WhatsApp. So go for it.

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