Delete wechat accounts permanently

Delete wechat: When it comes to social networking, you seek an app that caters all the platforms. You need not hop from one app to another when you have the universal app in the device. There are different features that the app offers you. Just have a look at the awesome features that the app brings to you.

Video chat: This is really an outstanding feature that the app offers you. You will be able to get live chat features of your friends and contacts. This is really a life-like experience, with movements and sounds. People really love the app for the feature, which allows cross-platform conferencing features as well.

Moments: People are fond of taking pictures and sending them to their friends and families. If you are a lover of these trends, you will definitely like the feature. So, you will be able to convert the moments to memories when you have the outstanding app. The pictures can be enjoyed by all your friends.

Voice message: This is another great feature that has influenced the people in a big way. You can now send your real voice through the app to the others. All you need to do id to hold the send message option to the voice message option, record the voice and simply send it. It is simple, and there is nothing complicated in sending voice messages.

Webchat: This is a feature that is probably unique to the app. It allows you to chat in groups with people around the world who are on other platforms. So, it acts as a place where you can get in touch with friends from all other social media platforms and enjoy the group chat.

We Web Chat: This is also a type of group chat, but it is different from the group chat mentioned before. People get the chance to connect with multiple people at a time, and this makes it possible to socialize with others in a simple, flawless manner.

Shake: Well, this is something new and unique. You will be able to get in touch with friends when you shake the phone. There are times when you wish to expand the friend’s circle. So, you need to know who is interested in expanding the circle too. All you need to do id to shake the phone. If there is anybody in the local area wishing to interact, you will discover him. The feature is really good, and it will help you to kill time in case you are getting bored. You will be able to make friends as well.

Emoticons: These are very popular with all the social networking sites these days. People need new emoticons for their messaging. So, there is a vast and varied option with these things when you get the app. Apart from the original ones that come as a part and parcel of the app, you will also be able to use emoticons from other places. You may prefer to use some of the ones stored in your gallery, or go for downloads. You are free to send any of these items from any place you wish. This feature makes it an added advantage to chat.

Look around: This feature of the app is similar to shake, but there is a different level of customization when you look into the feature. However, there is a different level of customization available to the feature, as you will be able to choose whether to make friends from far and abroad or from the local areas.

How to delete wechat accounts permanently?

·        There are different reasons why a person may wish to delete a wechat account. Three simple steps are to be followed so that the account can be deleted without much hassle. These are:

·         First of all, open the app and go to the history. You need to clear the wechat history at the beginning.

·         Then go to the option called My Account and you will find an option called ‘revoke, unlink, and disconnect.’ You need to click here and after verification through email, it will be confirmed.

·         Go back to the account and write we chat ID.

·         Go to and contact the authorities, and ask for the deletion of the account.

The last thing you need to do is to remove the lucky patcher apk.


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