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Why Buy Instagram Followers – The Pros and Cons

buy Instagram followers
Written by Timmappa Kamat

Buying Instagram followers is quite easy and simple. In recent times, it has become quite cheaper as well. But, the million dollar question is why would you want to buy followers on Instagram? What effect does it have on your profile? You should exercise caution while opting for buying followers. We would suggest you to check the services that let you buy real followers on Instagram. Let us today find the intricacies of buying Instagram followers and the effects thereof.

buy Instagram followers

Why Would You Want to Buy Instagram Followers?

Well, that is quite a debatable question as such. In fact, you can be active on Instagram, and post some valuable content. Be creative and motivational or inspiring with what you post on Instagram, and you should begin getting a good deal of followers in reality. Most of us have been gathering followers that way, don’t we?

But, brands cannot wait. Whether brands, politicians, or even a few among us who want fame would want to get as many followers as would be possible. Yes, if you are a politician, a celebrity, an online marketer, or an influencer – you would want to get a sound follower pad so that you can grow further.

But, why? Because of the perception that more followers will mean more publicity and popularity. Brands and other elements we enlisted here view the number of followers as metric to measure their efforts and reach. If you are buying Instagram followers, it is an indication that you want to set the path to get more REAL followers to your brand, or profile. Moreover, buying Instagram followers is quite simple and easy, and can be the right way to make up the quantity, though you may or may not have the quality.

How To Buy Instagram Followers?

Well, didn’t we say it is quite easy and simple? And it has become quite cheaper as well. You just need to sign up for a service that does it, make the necessary payment and voila! You will find your audience growing.

There are several service providers that deal in the arena. However, cheaper solutions may not be worth the effort. We have found the services that let you buy followers at, say $ 3 for 100 followers. But, as can be found out by yourself, most of these followers tend to be just bots and zombie accounts. You also have a few expensive options which may charge you a little more than the average services, but will compensate with the human followers who will genuinely interact with your brand or profile.

What Should You Look For While Buying Followers On Instagram?

Please note that the followers you get when you opt for the service can be a mix of legitimate followers and bots. Do note that the Instagram reviews the accounts for unusual activity from time to time. This can make your account vulnerable. You may end up getting your account suspended or in some extreme cases, deactivated entirely.

That is precisely why we would suggest you buy real followers. It may not look good if you are buying followers who do not engage themselves actively in your content. In fact, a good service that lets you buy followers on Instagram should offer better engagement per post than just increasing the number of followers.

As we said before, Instagram checks the legitimacy of your Instagram account during its periodical review procedure. You need to have a proportionate engagement ratio per post if you have more number of followers. This will help you keep your Instagram account appear legitimate.

Risks Involved In Buying followers on Instagram

Well, buying followers comes with its own risk factors. There is a huge difference between the followers provided by the quick rich schemes and high-quality followers provided by the companies that have been reputable with their services.

If you opt for the providers that are on the lower strata as we have discussed above, you run the risk of being caught. Even when you have the legitimate clients, your followers may spot a follower who is a bot and that in turn may cause a dent in your reputation. Of course, opting for those techniques may be necessary to build your brand image, but you need to take care to see that your brand integrity is not at stake. At any given point of time, you should attempt to have more real followers than the bots. If your real followers bump across the followers that have been bought, it could well mean a serious issue.

Parting Thoughts

Well, buying followers on Instagram may be a need at times given the competition. It may be a huge necessity get your account going so that you can showcase yourself and aim for the real followers, but you need to be careful enough while buying your followers. Do indulge in the practice of buying followers and while doing so, pay attention to the companies that offer you genuine followers.

Which companies would you prefer to buy followers on Instagram? What kind of precautions will you take in that venture? Do let us know your views and opinions.

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