4 Best Whatsapp Mods Of 2018 You Need To Start Using Right Now

Looking for better alternatives to Whatsapp? Well as you know it is very much limited to an extent, we have the better alternatives named as best WhatsApp mods here now.

Don’t worry. 😃

We have got the solution for you. By using these WhatsApp mods, you will not stop using Whatsapp and get access to its every feature you have ever wished for.

Yes, you have guessed it right. We are here talking about the best Whatsapp mods available online for everyone. With those, we can manipulate our whole Whatsapp data available on our Android devices. They have all the shady features what a Whatsapp user seeks every moment.

But the concern is that all the Whatsapp mods are third-party apps made by unrecognized developers. So this is why Whatsapp doesn’t entertain such apps for the safety purpose of its users since it is making its platform more secure, clean and bug proof.

Well, WhatsApp Mods are still in use. They come in a more secure version which is more user-oriented and couldn’t be detected by WhatsApp.

What Are WhatsApp MODs?

Whatsapp mods were only designed for the user satisfaction kinds of stuff which they can’t do with the original Whatsapp. Whatsapp Mods tweak your original Whatsapp data through their settings and replace themselves as the original Whatsapp Application.

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What Things Can One Do Using Whatsapp Mods?

features of whatsapp mods

You can easily do these things by using a common Whatsapp Mod.

  • Hide last seen.
  • Hide the blue tick mark.
  • Block calls.
  • Change the default green Whatsapp theme.
  • Customize widgets.
  • Send unlimited images to unlimited persons. {Applies in case of specific mods}
  • Hide online status.
  • You can also send single videos up to having 1GB storage.
  • The secured and encrypted platform just like originalWhatsapp.

Best WhatsApp MOD Available For Android 2018

1. GB Whatsapp – WhatsApp Mod

GB WhatsApp Apk

GB Whatsapp is in trend since the day it was finally launched. Its tremendous features have made its user more fond of it. Yes, you heard me right. GB WhatsApp is currently the best Whatsapp MOD available for WhatsApp users. Its user interface is so smooth, rigid less as like the original Whatsapp and it has many more features what a user seeks of.

So, let us roll down to the features of the GB Whatsapp.

  • GB Whatsapp lets you change the default WhatsApp theme as per your wish.
  • No character limits for the story.
  • Widgets including active chats, Contacts, settings are customizable.
  • You can hide your online status.
  • Make messages unseen with blue tick remover.
  • Allows you to make and handle two Whatsapp accounts on the go.

2. Whatsapp Plus Reborn

whatsapp plus reborn

Whatsapp plus reborn was released back in 2016. Currently, there are many upgraded versions of this application such as YOWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp+JiMODs. Facebook has done many technical and software developments to WhatsApp plus reborn, as it wants to add new features to its interface. Well, the most curious part is to witness this WhatsApp plus reborn phenomenon and the kind of improvements it needed. Below are the primary features Whatsapp plus reborn has to offer.

Features Of WhatsApp Plus Reborn

  • You can send messages for free.
  • You have access to send/receive multimedia contents with your contacts.
  • The ability to held group chats with up to 50 participants.
  • It includes the same emoticons as present in the original app.
  • Banning someone is currently unavailable.
  • You have access to many design templates.
  • You can change the color of the notification icon.
  • You have the power to hide your online status. 

3. YoWhatsapp

yo whatsapp apk

YoWhatsApp v7.51 Apk Latest is the latest Whatsapp mod made by “Yousef Al-Basha”. Contrary to the previous version, the newer version holds many advanced features that are missing in order versions.. Currently, it is gaining popularity among millions of developers. This feature makes it more attractive than any other Mod application. Any person can download YoWhatsApp Apk latest for free on any Android smartphone.

Features Of YoWhatsApp WhatsApp Mod

  • For all the developers in the world, this is the platform that has many features like hiding Online Status, Blue Tick, Double Tick and Hide last seen for particular contacts.
  • That app has an inbuilt App lock that protects your chats & other data on WhatsApp. No need of using other app locks.
  • You can customize your own theme’s design related to WhatsApp in this app. It permits you to change the default Green theme, also it comes with Blue colored UI.
  • The newest feature is added in YoWA Apk Latest Version, it possesses Android Oreo Emoji Pack.
  • The most special features of YoWhatsApp is that you can message anyone without saving their number on your phone.
  • YoWhatsApp permits you to send your peers 100 images at once and up to 700MB videos without any restriction.
  • YoThemes feature also permits you to change beautiful themes from the application store, get rid of WhatsApp green UI. 

4. Fouad Whatsapp

fouad whatsapp mod

Fouad WhatsApp APK is the modified version of Official Whatsapp, mostly used by tech geeks around the world. It possesses many features like other Whatsapp mods such as Gbwhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, and Yo Whatsapp. The developer of this app is Fouad Mokdad and it is the best app he has made till now. This apk comes in a size of 53 MB against a 31mb original file. Even though the file size is larger, it provides tons of features that you won’t find in the original application. Some of the few popular features that made it one of the best Whatsapp mods are listed below.

Features Of Fouad WhatsApp

  • You can set Image as background for Home screen
  • You have permission to access “my picture” in conversation outside/inside
  • You can change the color of Main Screen
  • You can also change document Text Color in Chat Screen
  • You can change color in Chat Screen
  • There is an option of Call Blocker i.e. “Who can call me” option
  • There is an exclusive White Navigation bar support for Android 8.0+
  • It has the potential to bypass the WhatsApp lock from YoWidget.

Final Words About These Best Whatsapp Mods

All of these various types of Whatsapp mod like Fouad WhatsApp have their own set of similarities and differences in their interface. One thing is for sure if you are looking to upgrade or enjoy additional benefits of Whatsapp mods, these apps will satisfy your desire completely. So just install the Whatsapp mods and enjoy to the fullest.


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