How To Get Amazon Echo Dot Without Alexa (Explained)

Amazon Echo Dot – that’s a new name in the smart home devices category. In fact, it has been a huge name in itself and the popularity has been growing by leaps and bounds. However, that comes with an issue in itself – or a restriction imposed by Amazon rather. It makes it mandatory to order an Amazon Echo Dot through Alexa, the voice assistant from Amazon. Can you use echo dot without Alexa? We searched for the options and yes, found alternatives. Let us share those inputs with our Amazon Echo Dot fans over here.

How To Get Amazon Echo Dot Without Alexa?

Amazon indeed wants its users to make use of Alexa to buy things. The new cheaper version of Amazon Echo, labeled Amazon Echo Dot, can only be bought through voice commands over your Amazon Echo or Amazon Fire TV. What if you own neither of them? Do you need Alexa for Echo Dot? Before we can find that, here we go with a little information on Amazon Echo Dot.

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What Is Amazon Echo Dot?

Well, the Echo Dot is a simplified or smaller version of the Amazon Echo. Seeing the popularity of its Amazon Echo devices, they have launched two more portable spin-off versions of the device in the form of Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo Tap.

How does Amazon Dot work? The Echo Dot works on the similar lines as the original Amazon Echo device. It comes with the same setup as on the original Echo. It will let you connect with the existing Bluetooth speakers and works in the same way as the Google Chromecast audio. You can use it to stream music from services like Spotify, iHeartRadio and similar other services. You may also speak to it through Alexa, the voice assistant from Amazon. In fact, using Echo Dot is made simple and easy through the voice commands. What can you do with Amazon Echo Dot? Well, everything that you can do with an Echo.

Having understood the concept of Amazon Echo Dot, you may have been moving ahead to buy one. But wait! Amazon restricts you from making the purchase only through Alexa on Echo and Fire TV. Does echo dot work without Alexa? We would advise you to read further to get more information on that.

Can Echo Dot Work Without Alexa?

Well, Alexa makes it mandatory to purchase Amazon Echo Dot through Alexa. Why do you need an Echo to use a Dot? Well, there is a reason, possibly. Amazon wants rewarding it’s existing its customers. Isn’t it the best way to achieve it by making it compulsory to buy the products through the existing products themselves? Moreover, we would guess that Amazon wants to familiarise its customers into using voice commands alone.

There could, as well be, another reason. Amazon wants to limit the production of its Echo Dot devices. By limiting the number of users, it will be able to restrict the purchases and thereby make it possible to collect user data and make improvements to the product. But is Echo without Alexa a possible option? If you are wondering as to how can you use an Echo Dot without an Echo, well you can and there is a workaround for that for sure. We will explain how to use Echo Dot without Echo in the following paragraphs.

In case if you don’t know, that it is pretty easy to Play iTunes Music on Echo.

How To Buy Amazon Echo Dot Without Alexa?

Well, here are the steps involved. Does Amazon Echo require a prime account? Well, yes – it will require a prime account. But you should be able to make a purchase without issues. Wondering when can I buy Amazon Echo Dot without Alexa? Check it out here.

You will need to opt for the Amazon Android Storefront app for the purpose of buying an Amazon Echo Dot. If you do not have an Amazon Store app, you may also grab the Android device from any of your friends. Please ensure that your friend has an Amazon Prime account though. The purchase will not work without Amazon Prime account.

Once done, follow these steps to buy Amazon Echo Dot without Alexa-

  • Launch your Amazon Android Storefront app.
  • Log in to your prime account.
  • Tap on the microphone icon at the top.
  • Once the microphone is activated, say “add Echo Dot to shopping cart”.
  • From the list of options available, locate the Echo Dot app and tap on Add To Cart.

The product will be added to your cart. You may enter your delivery address and proceed to make payment. Wasn’t that quite easy? However, the Amazon Echo Dot is available in the presale mode as of now and will take a while to be shipped to your location. We would assume a delivery sometime in mid-April to April end for the product to reach your premises.

Is Alexa a strict No-No?

Well, once you have laid your hands on your favorite Amazon Echo Dot, why would you ever stay away from it? Do you need Alexa to use Echo Dot? Not necessarily, but we would consider it a good option though. Alexa is indeed a great inclusion on your device for the best hands-free voice commands option for your needs.

Will the Echo Dot work without Alexa? Yes, and it will – as far as our knowledge goes. If you find any issues, do let us know of them so that we can update on the problems if any. However, we would advise you to use the feature as it will add the much-needed functionality worth the attempt.

Before We Conclude…

Please note that the updates may make these workarounds nonworkable though. As of now, you would be able to get Amazon Echo Dot without Alexa. If you come across anything similar, do share your experiences here. We will check out and provide any further update on how to sort out the issues.



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