📷10 Best Camera Accessories every DSLR user must have!

DSLR Camera is nowadays becoming a common one, it`s no longer a camera that people use to dream of having.  The reason for this is we can buy one at an affordable price and more and more user-friendly models are being manufactured.

There will be many people who have just gone one recently, so this one is mainly for you – the new DSLR owners. Many would think why to invest more on a DSLR camera? The reason is investing in your DSLR camera can improve the quality of the pictures immensely. So, here we look at the top 10 accessories every DSLR whether it is a Canon one or a Nikon one must have. You can consider these as photography essentials for beginners.

10 Must-Have And Best Camera Accessories 📸

1) UV Filter

These are protective filters. You brought a DSLR camera for some thousand and the least you want is that the lens gets broken; here is where UV filter goes very well. These are thin, circular pieces of the lens that fit perfectly over the front of the lens. These are mainly used for two reasons. Firstly, to protect against damage caused by accidentally dropping the lens or the camera or by not handling the camera properly or to protect it against dust, scratches, dirt on the front part of the lens. Secondly, the image quality suffers a minimal loss by using a UV filter.

2) Zoom Lens

Almost all DSLR cameras come with kit lenses whose zoom range is neither too small nor too big. These are especially used in wildlife photography where you want to click pictures of birds and animals from a distance keeping just the wildlife creatures in focus and the background and everything else is blurred. It can zoom from a short or wide-angle to a long or telephoto focal length that makes things look bigger and closer as you zoom in.

3) Tripod

A tripod only takes a few seconds to get erect and adjust in order to take great quality images with the camera in the perfect position available for a long time. A tripod is used in order to take night time shots or pictures of sunset to taking close-up shots to taking sports photography to taking action shots to doing nature photography. One can buy a tripod for a price of nearly 2000 INR and increase the quality of his pictures.

4) Cleaning Kit

One should regularly clean his lenses which are a sign of a good photographer as he keeps care of his camera and maintains it properly. If the quality of your pictures aren`t that good check out if there are any smudges on the lens of the camera. If there are any, do use some cleaning kits such as cleaning tissues a microfiber cleaning cloth which cleans the dust as well as the oil on the lens, lens cleaning fluid, blowers, brushes and silica gel.

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5) EYE-FI Wi-Fi SD cards

They are used for “turning dumb cameras smart” by letting them connect to your smartphone or your laptop. An Eye-FI Card stores pictures just as an SD card does but what makes it different from an SD card is its inbuilt Wi-Fi antenna that is used for transferring cameras to your PC or smartphone.  So what makes it a necessity for a photographer! Suppose your return home after a tiring day clicking pictures all day and you don`t want to spend time sitting in front of your PC in order to transfer photos. This is where this card automatically translates photos by itself by connecting to your PC and you don`t need to do anything.

6) Grey Cards

If you are into photography recently, you might not know the importance of white balance. A professional or one who has been into photography for a long time knows the importance of white balance. White balance helps to get the colors in your pictures as precise as possible. Here is where the use of grey cards comes into use. This automatically adjusts every picture you click and also groups all pictures which were taken in the same light condition.

7) Speedlight Flash

Speedlight actually refers to the brand name that Nikon and Canon use for their camera flash units. Speedlights can be used externally but is better to attach them to the camera body itself. What is the need of a Speedlight flash when there is already a built-in flash in your DSLR camera? It is mainly used to produce a flash with a wider range which is used in order to bounce light or use it as a fill light. Further, it improves the performance of the battery as compared to using the camera’s inbuilt flash. And It further provides you the flexibility of angles as compared to camera`s flash which can flash only directly to the front.

8) Polarizing Filters

When you take a shot of someone or even of mountains and hills in a sunny weather, the shot which you take will show the objects in a hazy condition. This can be eliminated by the use of a polarizing filter which not only eliminates the haziness but also increases the impact of the shot. They do this by limiting the light that enters the lens of your camera which forces you to take long exposures which in turn makes the camera shake. So, keep your camera steady while using polarizing filters.

9) Natural Density Graduated Filters

Have you ever shot a landscape image of a cloudy sky or a waterfall? Then you must have noticed that the sky or the water lost its detail due to over-exposure. Here is where the need of something called natural density graduated filters comes into use. These are ‘slot in’ filters which behaves like a two-tone filter in which the upper half decreases the amount of light that enters into the glass and the lower half allows the darker part of your scene to be exposed normally to light. They are normally used by photographers who do a lot of landscape photographs.

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10) Camera Bag

A camera bag should be well padded in order to protect your camera and its lenses against any damage. It should not only hold your camera but also its accessories which you need to carry all around. The bag shouldn`t be that bag in the size that you feel uncomfortable in carrying it and it should have compartments in order to carry all the camera equipment and a laptop if one needs to.

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These are some of the best camera accessories a photographer must need. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.


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